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Jupiter Townhalls, Uplink Calls, Vote Summaries, and more.

Planetary Call 19

Explore Jupiter DAO's latest updates, including Swap V3, Ape platform, and the Giant Unified Market.

Planetary Call 18

Explore key takeaways from Jupiter DAO's townhall on JUP token's 30% burn proposal.

Planetary Call 17

Jupiter's latest product launches & improvements, including Swap V3 Beta testing, JupSOL, and $CLOUD token release.

Planetary Call 16

Explore key insights from Jupiter Planetary Call #16 on Solana meme communities and innovative projects. Claim your POAP by joining!

Planetary Call 15

Explore the outcomes of J.U.P. Planetary Call #15: insights on LFG Round #3 conclusion, UpRock launch, and exciting upgrades in Jupiter's system.

Planetary Call 14

Get the key info from call 14: A Reels initiative with prizes, blind voting for LFG Round 3, a new record label, and Giant Unified Market updates!

Planetary Call 13

Launch of new voting, enhanced Jupiter perps, and ISC pool. Plus updates on Solana Startup Village and more!

Planetary Call 12

Discover Clone Protocol integration, JupSOL on MarginFi, and a vibrant update on Solana’s ecosystem with new partnership rewards!

Planetary Call 11

JupSOL surges in value, Sanctum Wonderland launches, and Jupiter powers Coinbase Wallet trading—major strides in expanding Jupiter's ecosystem!

Planetary Call 10

Record voting turnout with LFG Round 2, unveiling of Jupiter Mobile Beta and strategic acquisitions boost Jupiter's market innovations.

Planetary Call 9

Jupiter outlines its Meta Acceleration Strategy, introducing zero-fee Jupiter Mobile and the Giant Unified Market to integrate all assets on Solana.

Planetary Call 8

Zeus launches to high acclaim, $300M in $TNSR tokens airdropped, and JUP anticipates major platform upgrades at the Solana Summit.

Planetary Call 7

First working group budget passes with wide support, multiple new integrations launched, and ecosystem updates enhance Jupiter's platform.

Planetary Call 6

Jupiter boosts DAO funding, launches Cross Chain Transfer Protocol, and commits to native Solana swaps integration on crypto.com DeFi wallet.

Planetary Call 5

Explore new Auto Slippage and improved UI on Jupiter, while Openbook V2 rolls out and Coincover secures J.U.P funds in landmark partnership.

Planetary Call 4

New LFG vote concludes with a massive turnout, Jupiter introduces a value averaging feature, and a spotlight on new partnerships. Read now!

JUP Townhall 1

Insights into working groups, LFG process success, and upcoming plans highlighting community-led DAO evolution.

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